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Health, Safety & Environmental Consultancy

health and safety solutions

We are happy to present you with our "off the shelf" options to assist you with managing your responsibilities under the Health and Safety At Work Act and its subordinate regulations. However, with the years of experience under our belts, we know that businesses can face unique challenges that do not fit well into a neat little box. So while we offer some package deals we are more than happy to develop a bespoke system that suits your business. You will notice that we don't include phone advice within our packages - the reason it is not here is that we offer phone advice for free for all our clients no matter what. Obviously phone advice has its limits but as long as you are a client we will be there to assist.

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Environmental solutions

Our Environmental Management solutions are designed to help your business achieve reductions in energy and natural resources, while maintaining an effective business. We can assist you with waste reduction strategies, including recycling programmes and circular economy practices to maximise your resource efficiency. Having an environmental management system shows your customers you take your corporate responsibilities seriously, let us help you build and maintain your management system to show your customers you are a caring and sustainable business.

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